The National Geodetic Survey will release a new reference and datum, replacing the current NAD83 and NAVD88, estimated to occur sometime in 2024-2025 (975kb pdf). This includes the development of Low Distortion Projection zones and a State Plane Coordination System of 2022. A North Dakota committee spearheaded by the NDDOT was formed in 2018 to address this change and to provide input and plans:

2020 Documents

Pre-final Statewide (8,515kb pdf)

Pre-final LDP Zones (4,999kb pdf)

Pre-final Statistics (528kb pdf)

Pre-final Projection Parameters (538kb pdf)

2019 Documents

August Status Update (75kb pdf)

Preliminary LDP Zones (14,532kb pdf)

Stakeholder Review (3,259kb pdf)

LDP Numbering - Proposal 1 (2,726kb pdf)

LDP Numbering - Proposal 2 (2,240kb pdf)

It is the intention that this projection information will become available within desktop GIS software. Esri provides some guidance here in their "Prepare your data for the National Spatial Reference System modernization of 2022 in the U.S." blog article.