GIS professional services are included within the Information Technology Professional Services Vendor Contract Pool (a.k.a., "vendor pool"), North Dakota State Term Contract 095. This contract was originally established in 2005 to create a vendor pool of information technology professional services. In July 2006 the contract was upgraded to include GIS through the efforts of the North Dakota Geospatial Committee, working in cooperation with Information Technology and the Office of Management and Budget. That GIS category continues to be part of the vendor pool.

Several companies have been awarded contracts in the GIS Specialist category of the vendor pool. State and local government may use a structured work order request process to obtain GIS professional services through this contract. A primary benefit of using the contract is to make the procurement process more efficient by leveraging the master contract terms which have already been negotiated with the awarded vendors. It is important to note that the creation of this vendor pool does not prevent agencies from selecting a vendor via the traditional RFP process.

For more information about the GIS Specialist category of the vendor pool and how to use the work order request process, please visit the OMB's Online Services page and choose the List Contracts link. Click on Number at the top of the contract numbers to sort the contracts to make it easier to find contract 095, then choose the View link on that line.