Coordinated Training

The North Dakota State Geospatial Committee (SGC) coordinates Esri training if we determine there is a large enough common need to make the course cost-effective for the students.  The training will be conducted with an on-site or web-based Esri instructor. Training facilities are in Bismarck, using a training lab typically located at a state agency. If you are with state, county, or city government in North Dakota and would like to express an interest in an Esri class please contact us, telling us of the name of the course you are interested in and how many people would like to attend. We will place your information on a list and will send a notice out to the GIS listserv asking for similar expressions of interest. If there is enough interest and it appears that the course cost will be economic per student, the SGC will proceed to develop a schedule for the course working with those who would like to attend.

Geographic Knowledge and Skills for Schools

Please see the ND Geographic Alliance for resources available to students and teachers.

Certification and Degree Programs

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