North Dakota Parcel Program

Last Updated:  August 2021

The Parcel Program Dataset Schema documents the parcel polygon schema, tax roll table schema, and the domains for each. Used originally during the development of the statewide parcel dataset; this continues to be used as a reference in the Parcel Program.

The County Data Submission Requirements documents the criteria developed and used during the statewide parcel dataset development and is continued to be used during the maintenance activities of the State Parcel Program.


North Dakota Parcel File Standard - For Agricultural Property Assessment

Last Updated:  November 2007

The North Dakota Digital Parcel File Standard (550kb pdf) was created by various state and county employees with the voluntary assistance of engineering and consulting firms experienced in land parcel development. The North Dakota Digital Parcel File Standard may be updated as new topics arise.


North Dakota 911 Standards

Located on the North Dakota 9-1-1 Association website, various standards and information including NG911 GIS Requirements and Addressing.


North Dakota Coordinate System

Last Updated:  February 2019

North Dakota Century Code Chapter 47-20.2 (64kb pdf) defines the zones, names, system, and origins of the coordinate system.

Clarification of North Dakota Century Code - Coordinate Systems (122kb pdf) clarifies the language and the descriptions, matching the intent and language of the existing Century Code to the more detailed parameters and descriptions used in current mapping systems.