October 2022 SGC Meeting

<< All Events Start: Wednesday, October 12, 2022 - 09:00 am
GISTC Meetings


Information Technology

4201 Normandy Street

Bismarck, ND 58503

Meeting Agenda

  • Minutes and Information
  • Hub Data Portal Publishing Update
  • GIS Program Report
  • Census 2020 Population
  • Roundtable/Open Forum

Meeting Recap

  • Minutes and Information
    • Minutes approved as read
    • Informational
      • MAGIC grants are available
      • Summit summary found in the NDGIS blog
      • Strategic Plan - still in need of a refresh, and needs to include big-picture thinking involving agency leadership
      • State-Tribal GIS user group - just an idea at this time, the purpose needs to be defined and existing contacts gathered
  • Hub Data Portal Publishing Update
    • The "how to" document has been updated, reflecting recent experiences and feedback from agencies using it
  • GIS Program Report
    • The draft has been completed
    • This is done every year and is shared via the GIS website and sent to the Governor's Office
  • Census 2020 Population
    • The U.S. Census Bureau has official numbers but not an official dataset
    • The Hub's City Locations and County datasets need to have this updated population data applied to them
  • Roundtable/Open Forum
    • Schema changes to data stewards' feature classes - this can be done with a PRV account but apparently not all agencies/data stewards have this

Last updated:  November 15, 2022

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