Start: Wednesday, October 9, 2019 - 09:00 am
SGC Meetings


Geological Survey

1016 E. Calgary Ave., Bismarck, ND 58503

Meeting Agenda

  • Parcel Project - Procurement (Closed Session, estimated 9-9:45)
  • Information Update
  • Geospatial Summit
  • Cabinet UAS Meeting
  • Open Forum

Meeting Recap

  • Parcel Project - Procurement (Closed Session, 9:10-9:50)
  • Information Update
    • Bob participated in a parcel panel discussion at the ND Association of Counties Annual Conference on October 8
  • Geospatial Summit
    • The attendance is looking good, things are on track
    • Moderator assistance for the sessions is needed
    • Ann has taking care of the student presentation judging; she has a spreadsheet on Teams for volunteers
  • Cabinet UAS Meeting
    • One meeting has occurred with more planned on a quarterly basis
    • A mission statement will be developed at the next meeting
    • Ann is the representative to the GISTC
  • Open Forum
    • Ann reported that at the MN GIS Conference, she learned that it's not recommended to have a drone pool to be shared by multiple state agencies due to scheduling conflicts.  Pooled software licences could be used
    • Chris reported Parks and Rec has received some funding to develop a recreational sites layer
    • Ann will send out a link to the new Data Finder app

Date: October 30, 2019