Start: Wednesday, November 14, 2018 - 09:00 am
SGC Meetings

Location Details

Geological Survey
1016 E. Calgary Ave., Bismarck, ND 58503

Meeting Agenda

  • Cloud Status
  • Feature Class Naming and Location
  • Resolution in Support of DES Imagery
  • Roundtable Report
  • Building Footprints

Meeting Recap

  • News and info
    • GIS website has moved to the state website platform - more cost effective
    • Using a new email system
    • The ND GIS Conference planning is underway
      • The Planning Committee is in place - contact Bob if interested in being part of that
      • Bismarck will be the location
      • October 2019
      • New name to reflect the changing landscape: Geospatial and Location Intelligence Summit
  • Cloud Status
    • Connecting to Azure DB from the PC is very slow
    • Brian B has done a lot of testing of database and AGS feature service connection and use speeds
    • Bob has been testing feature services, comparing AGS to Datastore
    • Virtual apps and desktop testing has begun, looks promising but ArcMap and ArcPro project file management may be an issue
  • Feature Class Naming and Location
    • We are starting to rename all of a handful of feature classes copied into the "root folder" of the Azure database to give us a sense if we want to move away from using feature datasets or not
  • Resolution in Support of DES Imagery
    • The purpose of this document is to provide proof of support by the GISTC for the continuation of the DES Google imagery program
    • The GISTC approved the resolution
  • Roundtable Report
    • Beginning in 2016, in lieu of having a Full GISTC meeting the GISTC decided to provide a report with the content of that report essentially the same as what would be presented during the meeting
    • The committee requested that instead of a separate report, beginning this year to re-use the GIS Program Report
  • Building Footprints

Date of Notice: 

December 19, 2017

Notice Provided By: 

B Nutsch, 701-328-3212