June 2022 SGC Meeting

<< All Events Start: Wednesday, June 8, 2022 - 09:00 am
GISTC Meetings


DMR - Oil and Gas Division

1000 East Calgary Avenue

Bismarck, ND

Meeting Agenda

  • Minutes and Information
  • Review data status
  • User groups
  • Roundtable

Meeting Recap

  • Minutes and Information
    • Minutes approved as read, no comment or questions on Information
  • Review data status
    • Surrounding states and province data, along with National Atlas data will be kept on the Hub's eGDB for convenience
    • There are a number of data sets without defined stewards - these are the Department of Health datasets.  We'll plan to address these after the DOH/DHS merger that will occur in September 2022
    • Tribal lands - waiting on data from the BIA
    • A number of other datasets, e.g., rural water, K-12 school locations, higher education locations, airports, and river miles that need to be reviewed for currency.  Bob will follow up with the data stewards
  • User groups
    • We plan to model after existing groups, e.g., the Roads and Highways User Group, the WBD "IHUG" group that previously existed
    • The Committee discussed establishing a State/Tribal GIS users group that would be very applicable for multiple datasets
  • Roundtable
    • Bob said that a few users of ArcGIS Desktop are reporting not being able to connect to the GIS Hub eGDB
    • A common and consistent element is having the MS ODBC v18 driver only, not v17 (v18 is not supported by Esri)
    • It appears that ODBC v18 has appeared on some users machines for MS Access
    • In his testing, Bob said that adding 'TrustServerCertificate=Yes’ after the SQL Server name allows him to connect to the Hub database when having both ODBC v17 and v18 installed.
    • Hopefully, Esri will support ODBC v18 in the near future for ArcMap – they do have ODBC v18 for ArcPro

Last updated:  June 27, 2022

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