June 2019 GISTC Meeting

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Oil and Gas Division

1016 East Calgary Ave., Bismarck, ND 58503-5512

Meeting Agenda

  • Information Update
  • Geospatial Summit Status
  • Cloud Status
  • GIS Contact List
  • Parcel Status
  • Open Forum

Meeting Recap

  • Information Update
    • Committee will visit with CDO on June 17
    • ITD building will be unusable for significant time, year+
    • NAIP is being cached now
    • Low distortion projection zones, we'll see a draft in July
    • SQL Server being built on-premise
  • Geospatial Summit Status
    • Website nearing completion
    • First call for sponsor and attendee registration will be going out next week
  • Cloud Status
    • Potential hybrid model with SQL Server on premise and ArcGIS-based services on Azure - this could be the final state or could be used as a transition
    • Near term, all infrastructure will remain on premise
    • Eventually as need arises, will migrate from ArcGIS Server to ArcGIS Enterprise
  • GIS Contact List
    • At least two other states have a 'who's who' listing of statewide GIS contacts
    • North Dakota has a map-based contact list and will stay with that
  • Parcel Status
    • To ensure that the statewide parcel project avoids any mis-steps in procurement-related work and that the Committee is aware of any legal issues that might pertain to our project, in attendance were folks from the AG's office and OMB
    • The statewide parcel project is a large project and thus has a certain structure:  https://www.nd.gov/itd/services/project-management-oversight/large-proj…
    • Topics Reviewed
    • The Executive Steering Committee (ESC) is formed once the topic becomes a project
    • The ESC is an open meeting once quorum is reached, and if an open meeting, needs to be advertised as an open meeting, some examples were discussed
    • The Committee can research the project by contacting vendors for information and to learn but, but that we need to be cautious.  We can also submit an RFI or even a draft RFP to solicit input to the project.
    • At this point, the Committee agreed that the parcel project starts now so we will go into Executive Session when any vendor or member of the public is present.  If there are any questions that any of us field from vendors, send those to Brandy.  
    • Our next step is to develop the group of folks responsible for developing the RFP and scoring the proposals that are received.
  • Open Forum
    • Tabled

Date: June 16, 2019

Notice Provided By: B Nutsch, 701-328-3212

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