Start: Wednesday, January 9, 2019 - 09:00 am
SGC Meetings


Department of Transportation - Room 206

608 East Boulevard Ave., Bismarck, ND 58505

Meeting Agenda

  • State Coordinate System
  • Cloud Status
  • Feature Class Naming
  • Data Retirement Policy
  • 2019 Goals

Meeting Recap

  • State Coordinate System
    • The discussion was a follow up from the previous conversation on clarifying the state coordinate system and getting that information out to the GIS website
    • Final comments need to be provided to Rod by the end of the week
    • Before posting to the web, the GISTC would like to see "reviewed by" statements on it from both the GISTC and the State Engineer's Office
  • Cloud Status
    • Still waiting on a file storage system so that the desktop environment can be set up and tested
    • Milestones for the migration have been drafted; the GISTC reviewed and made a few tweaks
    • These milestones will be used to help formulate a timeline
  • Feature Class Naming
    • Final resolution pending the discussion at the February meeting
    • The GISTC plans to put all feature classes in the root folder of the database but the naming convention has not yet been determined
  • Data Retirement Policy
    • In 2014 the GISTC created a 'Geospatial Data Archival Working Group' to discuss management of geospatial data
    • The GISTC discussed if we should build upon that
    • Discussion resulted in continuing to rely on data stewards to refresh data and pull it off line as needed

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