Requesting GIS Hub Support


If you are having issues related to the GIS Hub, log a ticket with the ITD Service Desk using the online submission form. You can call the Service Desk at 701-328-4470; however, utilizing the online submission form is recommended because you are able to enter in detailed information. Providing detailed information about issues helps ensure incidents are routed to the proper personnel and solved in a timely manner.

In the details section of the form, please include the information listed below. Note that you likely will not know all of the information listed below, so simply enter in as much as you know.

  • When the user(s) first become aware of the problem
  • Name of layer(s) and dataset(s) trying to access
  • URL of connection that's not working
  • Database connection that's not working
  • Server name(s) involved
  • Name(s) of ITD staff who have helped with this in the past
  • Software being used (e.g., ArcMap, web application)
  • Select the Resolve Immediately option as needed
  • Attach Screenshot of error(s) using the Add Attachment option