Parcel Project

December 19, 2018

During the 2017 GIS Users Conference there was a “North Dakota Statewide Parcel Dataset Panel Discussion”.  The ideas and comments from that have continued to grow, including a GIS Technical Committee Resolution in Support of Parcels (42kb pdf), resulting in a budget request to build a statewide parcel dataset. 

Great news! As of December 5, 2018, that request currently exists in Governor Burgum’s Executive Budget (5,228kb pdf)  As we all know, this request will next have to make it through the Legislative Session.

Based on the parcel status depicted on the North Dakota Association of Assessing Officers, a budget estimate was developed for developing parcel data in those counties potentially needing assistance to develop parcels, compiling data from those counties with parcels, developing a data maintenance workflow, and for project management.

There are several key goals and aspects of this project:

  • Develop a publicly accessible, maintained, land parcel dataset that supports the State of North Dakota business needs including but not limited to
    • Property tax evaluations (e.g., Tax Dept., counties)
    • Siting of power lines, pipelines (e.g., Oil and Gas Division, engineering companies)
    • Enrollment of state lands into programs (e.g., Game and Fish Dept.)
    • Managing disease outbreak, pesticide application (e.g., Dept. of Agriculture)
    • Determining access to land for sampling (e.g., Dept. of Health)
    • Management of spills (e.g., Dept. of Health, Dept. of Emergency Services)
    • Right-of-ways (e.g., Dept. of Transportation)
    • Oil and gas well siting and permitting
    • Emergency management service boundary maintenance
    • Updating administrative boundaries
    • Accurate land ownership and partnership information
  • It is imperative to establish a key stakeholder group in order to guide this project during startup and into the future, leveraging insight, thoughts, concerns, and comments for the state to have a usable and sustainable product while respecting the needs and resources of the data providers. This stakeholder group will at minimum consist of representatives from counties, cities, and state organizations and associations.
  • Minimize disruption to data providers such as cities, counties, and vendors
  • Providing existing parcel data to the State of North Dakota will be voluntary

Should funding be approved by the Legislature, the early steps would include convening the stakeholder group (in person and/or web) and to develop an RFP.  Meanwhile, if there are any questions, concerns, comments, etc., please contact us.