Tuesday, February 28, 2023 - 04:00pm Categories:

There’s a new dataset on the ND GIS Hub from the Department of Environmental Quality, “Landfills”.  This dataset can be downloaded and/or accessed via web-based data services using the GIS Hub Data Portal

This layer represents the major landfills in North Dakota and can be symbolized by the primary type of waste that the landfill accepts.  The Landfills layer is an update to and replaces two smaller datasets that were on the ND Hub, "Oil Field Special Solid Waste" and "Municipal Solid Waste".  These two datasets, along with industrial and other special energy landfills, are combined in the new Landfills dataset.  The updated landfill layer can be symbolized by the WASTETYPE field. 

WASTETYPE values are described in the metadata and defined in North Dakota Century Code (North Dakota Century Code t23.1c08) and Administrative Rules (North Dakota Administrative Code - Title 33.1 Article 20 Chapter 1.1 - Opens PDF).  A complete list of all solid waste facilities in the state is on the Division of Waste Management’s website - Active Solid Waste Facilities in North Dakota.

The Landfills layer is current as of November 2022 and will be updated annually.  The old layers, "Oil Field Special Solid Waste" and "Municipal Solid Waste" will be removed from the ND GIS Hub and archived in early March 2023.  Be sure to update any links or applications to point to the new landfill layer.  For questions about the geospatial data, call the NDDEQ at 701-328-5150 and ask for the NDDEQ GIS Coordinator.  Ask for the Division of Waste Management if you have questions about solid waste facilities. 

Check out the ArcGIS Online section of Accessing Web Services and the Data Download page for help on using the GIS Hub Data Portal.