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There are a number of updated and deprecated datasets on the GIS Hub.  These are:



Basemap_Imagery (Courtesy of the USDA-NRCS and ND Information Technology) - This cached service has been updated with the 2022 NAIP imagery. Please note that in the past, this basemap was a composite of the statewide NAIP imagery and city/county imagery of the same vintage. In this most recent update of Basemap_Imagery, this service only depicts the statewide NAIP imagery.

Fire Boundary (Courtesy of the Department of Emergency Services)

Emergency Medical Services Boundary (Courtesy of the Department of Emergency Services)



The following web services will be shut down during the last week of April 2023:

Quad 24k Corners - No longer maintained.

Basemap_Imagery_Single - If you are using this in your project files and/or web applications, please modify those to begin using the Basemap_Imagery service. We are deprecating this Basemap_Imagery_Single service because it was originally created to reflect only a single year of imagery. Now that Basemap_Imagery is fullfilling this role, it is redundant to have two basemap services containing the same data.  


Accessing the Data

Datasets can be downloaded and/or accessed via web-based data services.  More information on these datasets can be found on the GIS Hub Data Portal. You can search for these datasets (e.g., type in: fire) or you may find it convenient to simply locate the data by browsing through the themes.

Be sure to check out the ArcGIS Online section of Accessing Web Services and the Data Download page for help on using the GIS Hub Data Portal. 


Statewide Parcel Dataset

  • The data is updated weekly (each county may have variable update frequencies)
  • The data are available HERE
  • The Parcel Program website is HERE
  • If you are using the parcel data, please consider taking a little survey to help us understand how you are using that data
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