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The North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department is requesting your assistance in developing a statewide database of GIS trail information to be used at a later date to create a statewide trail website and/or mobile app.

We are asking that you share your GIS data files or other trail data files as they are, without any further conditioning by you, no later than March 31st. If you are willing to support us and this effort, you can simply drop your files here NDPR Trail Data Submissions We would like to ensure if your trail has any amenities located along it (bathrooms, parking lots, etc.) those are included in the data as well.

We are working with a 3rd-party, Bartlett & West in Bismarck ND, to assist us in collecting, analyzing, and conditioning the data to be used at a to be determined date in a digitally accessible interface for all trail users to use while enjoying outdoor recreation in our state. The point of contact for our 3rd-party can be contacted at, (701) 221-8432.

I recognize you may have questions (how do we update the database when changes occur, when will the application be launched, is there a disclaimer on trail data, etc.) and I may not have those questions answered for you right away but encourage you to call me if you have any questions or concerns. I want to thank you ahead of time for your support and willingness for our teams to collaborate in order to bring opportunities to connect our citizens to outdoor recreation in North Dakota!


Tony Hillig

Recreation Chief

701-328-5366 •

ND Parks and Recreation