October 2018 GISTC Meeting

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State Water Commission
900 East Boulevard Ave., Bismarck, ND 58505-0850

Meeting Agenda

  • News and Information
  • Cloud Status
  • Living Atlas
  • Parcel Resolution
  • Esri Training
  • Open Forum

Meeting Recap

  • News and Information
    • GIS website will be upgraded to use the new state website platform for cost savings
    • Bob attended the NSGIC conference, some key takeaways include:
      • GIS security
      • GIS integration with other systems, e.g., BI
      • Cloud
  • Cloud Status
    • GIS proof of concept is continuing
    • Primary issue is the extremely slow connection between on-premise desktop and cloud-hosted database
    • Planning to look into potential cloud-hosted desktop solutions
  • Living Atlas
    • Esri demonstrated this at the NSGIC conference
    • There is a wealth of information available to desktop ArcGIS users, definitely worth checking out
  • Parcel Resolution
    • The GISTC reviewed and approved a resolution in support of developing statewide parcels
  • Esri Training
    • Coordinated training in which an Esri instructor is brought into Bismarck was discussed
    • If there is interest in obtaining Esri training please let Bob know ASAP
    • Depending on the number of students, the training cost per student can be greatly reduced
  • Open Forum
    • The GISTC needs to consider ways to improve existing systems, especially in light of looming budget cuts
    • The State Water Commission has upgraded it's LiDAR-derived elevation data dissemination web application; the state is now covered with LiDAR-derived elevation data with the majority of the data being QL3

Date of Notice: 

December 19, 2017

Notice Provided By: 

B Nutsch, 701-328-3212

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