June 2018 GISTC Meeting

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018 - 

9:00am to 11:00am

Location Details: 

Oil and Gas Division, Industrial Commission
1016 East Calgary Ave., Bismarck, ND 58503-5512

Meeting Agenda

  • Imagery Options
  • Database
  • Parcels

Meeting Recap

  • News
    • Basemap_Imagery has been updated
    • Basemap_Imagery_Single is also available - this is single vintage, now it is 2017, next year it will be 2018 assuming we obtain the NAIP imagery
    • System for cities and counties to submit data to the state via a web-based system is nearing completion.  This will avoid the need to send files via email.
    • The state's increasing move to the cloud includes GIS - a proof of concept is planned
  • Imagery Options
    • Many good options out there and our knowledge of them needs to stay current
    • Planning to support DES use and sharing of Google imagery, budget permitting; contributions are welcomed from data users
    • For future imagery subscriptions, Google or otherwise, we will need to look at the need for accessing imagery of different dates, either as part of the overall subscription or subscription add-ons
  • Database
    • Planning to move from Oracle to SQL Server - this will reduce hosting costs paid by the GIS Hub budget, provide Active Directory support, and the GISTC prefers
    • Depending on the outcome and timing of the cloud proof of concept, will decide on SQL in the cloud or on premise, with on premise being the desired approach
    • Discussion on moving away from using feature datasets to organize the data, something that would be done as part of the SQL Server move
  • Parcels
    • Planning to ask just a few vendors from the Vendor Pool for an estimate of cost to create and maintain statewide parcels - this is only a request for estimate and has nothing to do with who might do that work
    • The estimate of cost is needed for the upcoming Legislation Session
    • As an option, the GISTC may develop this dataset as time allows if the budget does not allow outsourcing this work

Date of Notice: 

December 19, 2017

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