June 2017 GISTC Meeting

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017 - 

9:00am to 11:00am

Location Details: 

Oil and Gas Division, Industrial Commission
1016 East Calgary Ave., Bismarck, ND 58503-5512 

Meeting Agenda

  • News and information
  • ND GIS Users Conference
  • Training Notices
  • Updated Hub Explorer
  • Strategic Plan
  • Main Street Initiative

Meeting Recap

  • News and Information
    • Contracting is underway for the Vendor Pool
    • North Point Geographic Solutions has been asked to expand their existing role of providing ArcGIS Online support by assisting with GIS Hub support
    • Parcel proof of concept work is planned to resume
  • ND GIS Users Conference
    • Abstracts are now starting to come in
    • Planning to have a Parcel Panel session
    • Need more abstracts, more sponsors/exhibitors
    • Conference website
  • Training Notices
    • This discussion was around steps for organizing coordinated training for state agencies
    • For the past 15 years we've started with the GISTC and then expanded as needed, including going out to the listserv
    • In order to more quickly fill a class, from now on the initial announcement will go out to the state agency GIS users email list and then expand from there
  • Updated Hub Explorer
    • This will be released in a transitional manner to give people time to test
    • The GISTC would like to see an additional background map added
  • Strategic Plan
    • The GISTC reviewed the existing goals and sub-goals
    • Additional work will be done prior to the next GISTC meeting
    • Parcels will be a top priority
    • Strategic Plans in the past have been released near the start of each new Biennium
    • The final version will be held back for a period of time to provide an opportunity for ingesting the vision of the Governor and the CIO
  • Main Street Initiative
    • This is Governor Burgum's vision and priority
    • The GISTC will be asked to provide support beginning with a discussion of existing data resources


Date of Notice: 

December 12, 2016

Notice Provided By: 

B Nutsch, 701-328-3212

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